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Selina: I have been in therapy on and off for the past 10 years, with various therapists, and feel that Linda is the first therapist to truly take the time to understand me and my problems. From day one, she listened to me and validated my experiences, setting out a progress plan for our therapy, which helped guide me through the process. When I came to Linda, I was extremely suicidal and very depressed. My mental health has completely changed as a result of our therapy sessions, and I have learnt alternative, healthier coping mechanisms for the future. It is no exaggeration to say that Linda has completely changed my life and my outlook. I feel optimistic for the future as a result and can’t thank Linda enough.

Penny: Linda made me feel totally comfortable from our very first session. She is just an expert in her field and I am so glad that when I decided to seek therapy that it was her I found. I have overcome things I never imagined I would be able to and although some of it are brave things I have had to do, without Linda guiding me through it just never would have happened. I am so grateful for every minute and every penny spent because it has been so worth it. Even though there will be hard times still, I feel like I have the strength to push through. Thank you, Linda.

Bianca: “Linda is a pleasure to work with. She listens carefully and always makes you think differently about the situations. She doesn’t judge you in any way and provides different tips for different situations” 

Charlotte: My time with Linda has been invaluable, her empathetic and caring approach has greatly improved my symptoms and I feel much stronger as a result. I would definitely recommend Linda to anyone struggling with anxiety.

Pierre: “I enjoyed the sessions with Linda, who appeared very experienced, friendly and professional in all aspects of my therapy. She helped me with the initial problem, which brought me to her, and managed to tackle several other, apparently linked concerns, in a subtle and tactful manner. And if I ever need therapy again, she’ll be my first choice, no doubt.”


Genevieve: “I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and support. I felt so lost, and although I still have down days, I’m better equipped to deal with them. I’ll remember to always keep my little box of Linda’s explanations. Thank you.”

Juliette: It took a long time to find the courage to recognise that there was a problem, and that help was needed. Fortunately, Nightingale Therapy was recommended to me and I am so grateful that I was able to speak to them and work through my difficulties. They are so professional, friendly and easy to talk too, after a past experience with a different therapist hindered my trust in the process, I am so glad that I tried again with Nightingale Therapy. Thank you for everything you have done.

David: “Thank you very much for the chance to see the therapist. I feel she has helped me in many ways”.

Poppy: “Linda has always made me feel at ease and able to express my thoughts and feelings, which was a very big issue for me initially! Without judgement and she has helped me learn that feelings and emotions are there for a reason and are important. And helped me understand the reasoning behind the way I feel about certain situations. Lovely lady and put me back in touch with my wise and reasonable mind.”

Piers: “Been invaluable in helping me get back on track.”.

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Jazz: I am very open to different experiences, but I did wonder how talking about things would help.  I was honest and that helped me a lot.  The sessions were great.  The session relating to my bus crash wasn’t so great and the feelings that came from it were not so great, but it helped me to move forward.  A safe place helped and the other ways I was taught to deal with things were great.  I really appreciated each session, they got easier each one I had.  I am happy that my sessions are complete and I feel confident in moving forward, Linda was great at helping me work through the issues.  Definitely recommend, I believe everyone needs a Linda at one point in their life!  Thank you Linda for everything, it has been amazing and I will miss talking to you. 

​Marylin: My experience at Nightingale Therapy with Linda has been overall extremely positive. For me and my OCD, CBT was long overdue and although at times I felt that there was too much to overcome, Linda never failed to support me in my recovery and went out of her way to find techniques that would help with my specific problems. I always trusted Linda in this without fail, largely due to her wealth of knowledge about OCD and overcoming it, which I picked up on during our first sessions together especially. She clearly explained to me lots of things about anxiety, OCD and CBT which I didn’t know before, providing a good scaffolding for my recovery. The emotional support and counselling aspect of our sessions were also very valuable, and I always thought that Linda struck the perfect balance between bringing both informative and emotional support to our sessions. More than anything, I’m really grateful for all of the knowledge, confidence, and skills that Linda has given me. My experience at Nightingale Therapy with Linda has been overall extremely positive. 

Tim: “Everything given works very well depending on how determined the client is and wants to get better; you have to have driving incentives to get better.”

Stewart: “My therapy sessions really helped me. I would recommend it to someone if they needed it.  Although I was uneasy about attending the weekly sessions, my therapist made me feel at ease and I felt like I had known her for years when I was talking to her. She understood me and listened to me and also advised me how to do things differently, which I found very helpful. I was like a man walking with his head down, living in a small world, now I have my head up and see a bigger world and a better way of seeing things.”

Chip: “I came to have therapy because I was finding it hard to cope with day to day tasks and having harmful thoughts about myself. I find it difficult to talk to people about my feelings, but Linda has helped me to understand why I had these thoughts and feelings and helped to provide me with the mental tools to effectively deal with these in future. The experience has had an immeasurable positive impact on my life and I can’t thank Linda enough.”

Bob & Susanne (parents of a client): We felt that Linda was excellent in the family meetings that we had.  She listened with empathy and was not judgemental.  As a family I felt we could discuss our issues freely and that Linda offered insight and ideas for going forward.  We all found Linda, warm, approachable but also assertive when she needed to be.