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Please note that we accept PayPal, bank transfer, or cash. Payments are due prior to the session here through PayPal or on the day. 

​If you wish to pay by PayPal, please click either button to the left. If we have agreed on an extended session, click the drop-down menu for "Extended session"

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                                                 Adults          Children / Under 18            Group presentations            Couples / family work         

50 - 60 minute session           £80.00         £80.00                                Coming soon                         £100.00

for self-referrals

50 - 60 minute assessment      £80.00         £80.00

for insurance company or


50 - 60 minute session           £80.00           £80.00

for insurance company or


Extended session of

​90 minutes                             £90.00          To be agreed                                                                        

Concessions /                       To be agreed

Sliding scale

based on income

Supervision: 50 - 60 minutes: £80.00