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Bob: “Linda’s combination of professional and empathetic mannerisms endured my trust in her qualified expertise as a therapist. Beyond knowledgeable and never without a solution, I would highly recommend Nightingale Therapy” 

Jasmine: “I came to see Linda because I was struggling with OCD and anxiety. Linda created a safe and trusting environment for therapy and allowed us to go at a pace I was comfortable with. She has helped me to understand my problems and provided strategies to help tackle them. I’m feeling optimistic about my future thanks to the support Linda has provided.”

Jean: “It was eye opening – helped me to understand my issues and put in place action plans.”

Rosie: “Very beneficial and helped me to cope with lots of support”

Debbi: “Linda was very understanding and great at explaining new ways of thinking, making sure I understood and that it would be beneficial. I know my problems won’t go away overnight but I feel more prepared to work through them, and the majority reason is her.”

Jeanne: “During my sessions with Linda, I found her to be very compassionate and empathetic. Linda gave me tools to help me deal with my anxieties, which I found very useful and effective. She was professional at all times.”

Jim: “The therapy helped me understand my feelings and emotions better, not only towards myself but also towards others. The six sessions I had have put me on a path

towards healing and being the person I

was and want to be again.” 

Daisy: “Linda has a very friendly approach and has been very helpful in resolving my issues. I would highly recommend her services.”

Tom: “Linda has helped me change my life forever, providing me with the tools to cope with things that would have previously caused anxiety, stress, and worry. Thanks to Linda, I now look at everything in a very different way, with a clear mind, and a positive attitude.”

Cassie: “I have found my experience with Nightingale Therapy very useful. I have talked through my concerns and been met with a professional and knowledgeable response. You are provided with tools and methods to help you manage any future challenges. I am very impressed.”

Suzanne: “Linda has helped me to understand myself and my feeling towards others. I was very nervous at first, Linda always made me fill better about myself and my feeling towards others. After 11 weeks of therapy i can see such a difference, in feeling so positive about myself and with the tools I feel so positive about life. I would highly recommend Linda at Nightingale therapy to anyone.”

Terri: “Linda has helped with many of my problems and helped me reclaim my life”

Angelina: “My therapy with Linda was a God-send, as without it, I don’t know how I would’ve found the hope I needed to climb out of the dark place I found myself in.”

Beth: “I found the sessions invaluable and I understand myself and issues better. That along with the set of techniques advised for me has given me the opportunity to view things differently after previously entrenched thoughts and feelings. “

Mabel: “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this difficult time and giving me plans to help me get through all the different stages I will go through. I know some of my goals will take a long time to achieve but I feel a lot more confident now that I will get there. Thank you again, Linda.”

Mary: “Everything is so much clearer now. I feel able to cope with challenges when they present themselves. My life is considerably better and I don’t feel I could’ve done it without you.”

Karen: “Thank you for everything.”

Scott: “My therapist Linda was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend to others. Enlightening – I thought about things (issues) that I would not have otherwise.”

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Lily: “Nightingale Therapy has changed my outlook on life and benefited me massively. I feel stronger and more capable to deal with potential triggers and have a far greater understanding of how to manage potential relapses. My therapist put me totally at ease and never once made me feel judged.”

Jonathan: “Linda was straight up with her approach to me which is exactly what I needed – she was empathetic but honest and really managed to draw out the issues and causes that I had been struggling with for years. After our time together, I feel far more capable than I did previously and genuinely feel like I am able to function better. Thank you!”.

Tim: “It simply helped with all areas of my life”

Joe: “…incredibly understanding…Linda has a really comprehensive bank of knowledge and experience to draw from and makes each session a personal affair as opposed to a previously imagined instruction manual.”

Emily: “I arrived to my first appointment a little sceptical and fed up with how a road traffic accident had drastically affected my life. I was given time to talk through my experiences and a planned process giving me targets has helped me gain confidence behind the wheel. I am getting my life back!”

Miriam: “It has been a lifesaver. For the first time, I’ve felt I’ve got the help and support to feel normal and that I can lead a normal, happy, healthy life. Thank you for not making me feel ridiculous or insane and that it is not my fault.”

Martha: “Since Therapy, I have been able to enjoy a normal life again without a huge weight on my shoulders”

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