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The major insurance companies have agreed to pay for online/telephone therapy.

Please check your policy with your company. 

It has been a difficult time for everyone. Therapy online? How does that work? 

​The NHS. the BABCP, and the British Psychological Society have new guidelines for therapists and others who can work from home. 

It is important to be able to build a therapeutic relationship with who ever you choose as a therapist, but this can be done online.

While it is unlikely you will see the whole person in the screen, you will see a closer view of their face. Often, it is the social signals

we give out with our faces that help create relationships.

There is a lot of research into the efficacy and effectiveness of online therapy, and the news is good: It seems to work well for many people. There are far too many papers to list them here, so I will give links to a few:                         

Downloading Skype or Zoom is not very difficult and if you have any questions about it, and would like to work this way, please ask me.

Once you have set it up and logged in, you will see me on screen, my office will be in the background, and you will be talking with me,

not a robot or a computer program. 

I will be reviewing this later this year and consider offering face-to-face work.