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Tim: “Everything given works very well depending on how determined the client is and wants to get better; you have to have driving incentives to get better.”

David: “Thank you very much for the chance to see the therapist. I feel she has helped me in many ways”.

Stewart: “My therapy sessions really helped me. I would recommend it to someone if they needed it.  Although I was uneasy about attending the weekly sessions, my therapist made me feel at ease and I felt like I had known her for years when I was talking to her. She understood me and listened to me and also advised me how to do things differently, which I found very helpful. I was like a man walking with his head down, living in a small world, now I have my head up and see a bigger world and a better way of seeing things.”

Poppy: “Linda has always made me feel at ease and able to express my thoughts and feelings, which was a very big issue for me initially! Without judgement and she has helped me learn that feelings and emotions are there for a reason and are important. And helped me understand the reasoning behind the way I feel about certain situations. Lovely lady and put me back in touch with my wise and reasonable mind.”

Piers: “Been invaluable in helping me get back on track.”.

Bianca: “Linda is a pleasure to work with. She listens carefully and always makes you think differently about the situations. She doesn’t judge you in any way and provides different tips for different situations” 

Genevieve: “I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and support. I felt so lost, and although I still have down days, I’m better equipped to deal with them. I’ll remember to always keep my little box of Linda’s explanations. Thank you.”